How do I move on from a guy?

We didn't go out or anything but I like him a lot and then I realized he was just playing me. Its difficult to forget about him because he's in almost all my classes and he still tries to talk me, but I ignore him. So how do I get over this guy?


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  • the same thing happened to me. my advice for you is...

    moving on from a guy you really like might be difficult, but think of all the possitive things that can happen... You find a better guy, and/or you grow as a person. the way I got over the guys that I like and played me is to tell yourself that you deserve a lot better. another thing that can happen is that you can pretty much bad mouth them in your head.

    if he talks to you just talk to him back because the more you ignore him the more frustrated he will be with you. an for you the more you ignore him the more you'll feel that he's annoying you.

    and if you have classes with him, and you see him almost every day, if he says hi you say hi and if he smiles at you you smile back and if you are walking to your seat and he talks to you you answer him and walk to your seat.. hope I helped :) if you have anymore questions I'm here to help

    • aww thanks that was helpful :) especially the bad mouth part hehe... how long did it take you to get over him... but when he tries to flirt with me it reminds me of what we used to do and I kinda miss it :(

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    • lol if you want add me and ill help you on the bad mouthing part I have good one lol... and nooooo problemmoooo :)

    • hhah if you want add me I have a lot of bad mouthing stuff I can share with you... and no problem :)

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