Do you consider this cheating?

Say I met this guy and we've talked for almost 5 months, but he lives states away. We tell each other and we mean it. Then I met this other guy and he lives a lot closer. I don't know if I like him as much.. but I'm starting to talk to him too. Would you consider that cheating? talking to 2 guys at once or is it all fair because technically I'm single..


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  • I think something that almost everyone over looks is that cheating doesn't have to be physical. In my mind, cheating is when you make a commitment to one person, then you go to someone else to satisfy some of you're needs, whether they are physical or emotional needs. If you aren't getting everything you need to be happy in you're current relationship, then you need to get out of it.

    You actually aren't in a relationship, so technically you can't cheat, but relationships are everything BUT technical. If you feel committed to one guy, and he feels the same, and you are leading on some other guy, then that is dishonest, and wrong. There's no problem with having other guy friends, but if you are leading them both to think that you're committed to them, then that's wrong.


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  • if you said you mean it then your cheating


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  • Lol no, that's not cheating. Cheating is when you are IN A RELATIONSHIP and you decide to hook up or have sex with someone other than your BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND. plus you're single, so cheating doesn't count for you, YET.

    • It's not. You're allowed to talk to two guys at once. Don't feel guilty.

    • Yeah, what reesee said!

  • well...if you are dating then yes it is cheating. If you are just talking to the two of them its not cheating. The technically single is odd though...are you single or not?

    • im not,we both decided that we can't be in a relationship with such a distance.. I wouldn't mind tho its him, so as long as he doesn't call me his, then I am single to ddo what I want right?

    • I think so! If you already decided you can't be in a relationship then that's all that needs to be said.

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