Do guys ever miss the gals they dumped?

I haven't heard from him in nine months. For months he claimed he couldn't go two minutes without thinking of me. I was his first and last thought every day. He claimed to be crazy in love with me. Then dumped me with out a word, no goodbye nothing. I have sent him a few simple emails spread out over the months, I got no response. I know he is still alive. I see his comments on blogs. Why would a guy do this and is there a chance he still thinks about me after nine months? I hate that I still care. I'm very hurt and confused.


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  • Let me save you the trouble. And I won't sugarcoat it. The simple answer is no. If a guy dumps a girl, he's got a good reason. Usually a sh*tty one. Like another girl or cause he can't hack it.

    If he keeps you around, he's only doing it cause hes' waiting on something better to come along, and it's easier to have relations.


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  • Yeah, sometimes I remember fondly an ex but not enough to want to get back together because there was a major reason we broke up.

    I somehow manage to stay on their email distribution but never initiate anything since I've already moved on.

    • Thanks for your honest reply. Everyone deserves the minimum of a goodbye. That disappearing act is torture, no closure. I wouldn't want him back, but I would like to know why he did this.

    • You're welcome. I gave her all the reasons so she wouldn't have any doubts.

  • From what you say I could understand that he never loved as he was saying. And the mistake that you do is that after 9 months you still wait him to reply or return back to you. The best advice that I can give you is to go further because you don't deserve a man who ignores you. Good Luck.-)


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  • My ex did the same thing. We were together almost a year. He didn't even say goodbye to me. I haven't heard from him since. The way I look at it is, why would you want to go back? Just so that they acn reject us again and leave us high and dry? Stuff them! You shouldn't wait around for any guy, especially an asshole that like that. We can do better.

    • I'm sorry that happened to you. No, no I would not want him back. I did want to know what other guys had to say about men doing this. And I wondered if down the road men ever think about the women they dump.

  • Clearly, he didn't love you as much as he said then if he was able to move on so quickly. Hopefully, you'll learn from this relationship and not fall into the same bad patterns.

    And for your dignity, do not email him anymore. He is alive. He wants nothing to do with you. Don't be pathetic. Just move on. He was a liar and you should be glad you didn't settle and marry the loser.

    • You are right and very wise for your years. Thanks

    • You're welcome. :)

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