Ex contacted me but she has a boyfriend??

We haven't spoken for months and I doubt her boyfriend knows she has texted me. I don't know why she has decided to contact me as we're not old friends. In fact we weren't even dating that long so what's up with that?


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  • what did she say?

    • that she has finally tried Pignolata my favorite italian dessert (i'm half sicialian) that I tried to get her to try. I mean why on earth text me that of all things? Why'd she think I'd care anymore what she's eating!

    • lol sound like she wants to be friends. did you text her back?

    • yeah we text for a few hours. The worst part is the restaurant she tried it at sucks!

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  • I guess this depends on how you guys broke up, or how close you were. I have an ex that still texts me randomly just to catch up on life, and we didn't date for that long but we were pretty close. So, maybe she misses you and still thinks about you. Did the conversation go on for longer than what she was eating? But I'd just assume she misses talking to you!

    • We were pretty close but we didn't really agree to remain friends afterward. I personally don't see the point. But we ended up texting for a few hours. I don't think I'd want my girlfriend texting a recent ex even if Pignolata was involved!

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  • She is trying to keep you in her life under her terms and turn you into an emotional tampon when things go wrong in her life or when she wants a male opinion. You were close to her, and she wants that "bond" with you, but nothing more. Remember, she will talk to you and go bone her boyfriend when she is done with you for the day KNOWING that you still care and hoping that she will come back. Don't fall for this and stop communicating with her. She has friends and so do you. This "friendship" will be onesided and it will give you false hope.


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