What should I do after the party?

hm well I love going out to partys and 9 time out of 10 ill end up with somme chick that I don't knw at all and I've come to enjoy that but there's a person that I kinda feel more for but I don't know what to do about her help please


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  • Instead of hooking up with random girls, try being an adult and seeking out a more mature relationship. Talk to this girl and tell her how you feel. Take her out as friends and flirt with her, let her warm up to you, then ask her out for real.

    • oh that problems old I'm trying to get back with my ex who I dated for half a year

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    • shes my ex because of her mom her mom found out I smoke weed a lot and well she don't like that and where I'm from there is just about never anybody else

    • Well say you've stopped smoking weed?

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