Is he being distant or is cheating?

Me and my boyfriend have been in relationship for 6 month it is serious commited relationship. The relationship is great and is amazing since I meet his parents and stayed over at his house for one month. He is always beside me and there are times when he is quite and I keep wondering if that is because he needs space or time to think.. and when I ask him if he wants space why he is being distance he just says he is not being distance and does not want space. He works night shift which is from 10 am to 7am he gives me kisses and sweet text message saying that he is over at his work and he misses me and he only text me for like 10 to 15 min saying that is only break time he has but iam pretty sure he is busy talking wiht his friend and why not andi totally understand that he has to talk to his friend... My problem is when he comes from work he always needs to go online or go to computer and but icant since he locks his password. IM not sure if he is cheating with me on the computer or is just doing his stuff. Can someone please tell me if he is cheating or how should I confront him. When I ask him about it he is so sweet looking me in the eye and telss me he is not seeing anyone but my gut is telling me he is please tell me what is going on? Thanks


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  • you have to know for sure before you start going on a witch trial...your first part of your story says he's just being distant, but the IM'ing stuff says something else could be's hard to say, unless he starts doing other things to provide more granularity:

    1. late night activities

    2. gaped timeline or routine loopholes in his schedule

    3. another cell phone

    4. secret social accts

    5. spending or behavior habits


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