If the only woman that matters to you is your girlfriend....

Than why would you cheat on her with me? WTF.

cause men are selfish... He's not worth it..


Most Helpful Girl

  • because you aren't the only woman that matters

    • No I was the one he cheated with... Not the girlfriend. Found that out later.

    • ok...then replace "you" with "she": she isn't the only woman that matters to him.

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What Guys Said 1

  • whoa, I don't see why you have to go and put us in one group. I've never cheated on any girl, I don't ever plan to or even want to either.

    you can't just say "men" because you have bad judgement.

    • sorry about that... you're right.. I didn't need to make that comment.

What Girls Said 2

  • because technically she EMOTIONALLY matters to him, while you're just a sexual toilet for him. basically guys can seperate sex with emotion. I have known guys to have sex with girls they don't even like as a person. they like the feeling and the sensation of having sex, but they don't have to like the girl. he sees you as a body just someone to f***, but cares about his girlfriend. I do doubt that a man can cheat on someone that he really loves, but he probably does care about her though.

  • Define, cheating please... is it just sex? Because if it is just sex then sorry to say this but you probably don't matter to him. Sex sometimes, is just sex. You may be attractive, you may be nice but it doesn't mean that you matter.

    • So my question is if a man says all that matters is his g.f., why full out cheat on her?

    • Because, again I repeat, sometimes sex is just sex. Nothing more than a new body to get into. Some people are just selfish that way and they think that everyone feels that same way. Most times a cheater doesn't lose love for the person they are cheating on because they don't see anything wrong with them (they'd flip if it were the other way around), having no strings attached sex with anyone else. Sad but true.

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