Why is my ex boyfriend doing this?

i haven't talking to him in a year now. he use to drive by my house all the time and would watch me out his window.when we first broke up. I would see him and he look away real fast. well he stop doing it for awhile. then I see him one time with his girlfriend and he smiled at me. I didn't smile back I moved on. now someone saw him in my drive way and he was sitting there for awhile at 3am in the morning. the next day I called the cops. about 2weeks later his driving his car with loud music past my house? now I haven't been home in awhile and someone told me a car been in my drive way again.. a little help. we don't talk or anything. cause that's what he wanted so I moved on and found someone else.


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  • Sounds like a dangerous situation. I would suggest confronting him head on.

    • you mean like going up to him and asking what his deal is?

    • I mean call or text at least and ask what his intentions are and expess your concern. If he doesn't stop after that you may have to deal with things through police. Don't wait for things to become more serious.

    • yea I what you mean. I'll give it a try...but I don't think his going to be telling the truth to be honest. he has always told me that he reads the flash cards that's in his head.. o_O

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