Should I say it now?

I never scream or shout or even fight. When the man I loved left me, I never told him how I felt. I didn't say a word. It has haunted me for months. I found that writing an imaginery letter to him made me feel better. In the letter I said all the things I wanted to say to him, but didn't. The letter is saved on my computer and whenever I start missing him, I read it to remind myself of the hurtful things he did to me. So, should I send him the letter? Or keep it inside forever? I've had no contact since he left, although he has tried to contact me once. I know by now it is "water under the bridge" but I feel like if I don't get this off my chest it will haunt me. Sorry if this is a stupid question. Thanks for answering.


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  • I would advise you to send him this letter just to realize how much he has hurt you. Also, you will throw away the weight that haunts you all that time. You don't have something to lose!


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  • It's not a stupid question, and I've been there before.

    My suggestion to you is to do it. Send the letter. If nothing else, it'll give you closure. He may not respond.. or, as in my case, he will respond.

    My ex told me to get over it. Gave me some half ass apology for hurting me.. but it made me feel better.

    Laid before me was a choice-- to accept his apology or throw it away. In the end, I chose to throw it away. He hurt me, he doesn't deserve to be forgiven.. but I also realized that by throwing it away, I also had to give up my rage towards him. No one that hurts you should have such a hold on your emotions.

    So do it. :D Send it, you'll feel better regardless of the results.

    Good luck!


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