I miss my ex and want her back. What should my next move be?

We hadn't spoken for 6 weeks. Then she contacted me last week to ask how I was doing etc. We didn't talk about our relationship so I'm not really sure what her motives are for contacting me. I want her back but am unsure whether to take it slowly or let her know my intentions straight away. I don't want to scare her off but neither do I want to fall into the frind zone. Girls would you prefer your ex was direct or would you prefer him to go slowly and win you back over time (if it's what you wanted)?


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  • Did you break up with her or did she break up with you?

    • It was pretty mutual. I suggested it wasn't working and she went along with it although I'm not sure if it's what she wanted. It was mainly due to distance (her starting colege and me starting a new job) but everything seems to have settled down and I have more free time than before.

    • Okay well I would recommend going slowly. If you try to just rush into things it probably won't work out. Just start by starting to talk again and hang out a few times. But hold off on kissing etc for a while.

  • It should probably be slowly, if anything.


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