Anyone tell someone they like not to get attached?

What did you mean by it? Why did you say it?

& Please don't respond back with, it means he doesn't want to date you or marry you or f*** you with strings.. I'm asking about your experience , thank you:)


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  • I have, many times. I am not at the point in my life where I want a committed relationship. I have too much on my plate to have time to invest in a meaningful relationship. I also prefer these at the moment because I don't feel the dependency I sometimes get upon a real relationship and avoid the heartbreak that comes at the end as well.

    What I mean by it is that we are in a non-committed relationship with little or no emotions involved. In the past, this has usually happened with guys that I am already friends with. It can be hard to have a relationship with someone and not get attached, especially with someone you end up spending a lot of time with. But, it is what it is.

    • So how do guys react when you say this? do you explain it, or just say don't get attached& its just understood, Also do you mean you can't feel anything right now or don't WANT to? & what is it hanging out o just sex or what? & What are you worried would happen if you don't say this to them, or if they get attached? What happens to you?

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    • he stops worrying about something, w/e it is, & I changed my habits to go home at times think he won't be around- not to ignore him just to take the pressure of I feel like I stress him out..

      So instead now he's managed to show up when I've accidentally had to go home& he asked me to help hm with something so I went & he played music & sang this love song tat I already have from a tape he gave me- I thought he was inviting me over to be friends* anyways we almost kissed & he's like don't get atched

    • Well I already agreed with I'm we shouldn't start anything & I didn't mean to kiss him, so its not a big deal- tho he did say kissing is ok..So anyways, umm I fel funny about how tis gets raised, I mean I almost feel set up & I like him but I never said I didn't. I'm not expecting us to get involved I've never thought he could handle it if not with anyone at least with me& first & foremost I never gave myself permission.

      People say don't get attached when they don't want to- I already agreed-NOTHING

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