Why did my ex contact me? Should I change my number?

So, he got new girl within 2 weeks and all that jazz so I kept my head up and moved on as best I could and I'm feeling pretty good. Anyway, he called and when you saw his I'D I just felt immensely tired. I answered anyway. He quickly tells me he's feeling weird because he broke up with his girlfriend (surprise surprise) because she might have cheated but he doesn't mind because he never liked her anyway and had been looking for an excuse. His new friends aren't being supportive either ('aw, shame :p). He then asks how many guys I've slept with since him and then asks about uni etc. He also never wanted us to be friends and now wants to meet up.

I'm just annoyed by him actually and would rather not. I felt rude hanging up - I'm that type of person.

Why'd he even bother?

Should I just change the number?


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  • Change your number or call your telephone company and have them block his number (it usually costs a little money to do this). He's calling you because he's lonely and looking to make himself feel better about his breakup... which means he's probably regretting breaking up with you. Make no mistake, he'd dump you again if another girl came along. Best to let it go and just make a clean break. That's my advice. Good luck!

    • Thank you :) That's what I thought! What a creep! He even attempted complimenting me etc, ugh!

    • No problem! If you appreciate my answer and it was helpful, feel free to choose "best answer" to my response. Take care!

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