Lets Compete guys and girls. :D

Girls are more pretty then guys.

Girls are more sweet then guys.

Girls can't compete with guys in sports.

Lots of guys are rude, but not girls.

Do you have many more for share, so share it,

tell me opposites between guys and girls


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  • Girls are definately prettier.

    Girls are usually sweeter and more understanding, but that doesn't mean some guys arent.

    "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" or whatever the quote is... angry women are far more agressive then angry men. If you see girls argue/fight, damn they get so personal and when they fight the claws come out!

    Girls periods & pregnancies, guys have dangling weaknesses.

    Guys are normally more physical & stronger, but girls are meant to be smarter & mature faster.

    No matter the intelligence though, girls have ridiculously more "blonde moments"


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  • Guys use logic,girls use emotions.Win there.

    Guys can express their love in the right amounts,girls can go overboard(which might be good...or bad to y'all)

    Guys are strong than girls

    Guys more drama free than girls

    Guys are less judgmental than girls for the most part

    Guys make better friends than girls(just sayin')

    All guys can rock a suit and look hot while sophisticated where as girls can't all rock the same clothing.

    • Wow. I really didn't expect this from you.

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    • but you guys are girls...

      Well I think guys are cool- most of my friends are guys. but girls don't have to be obnoxious, they were just raised that way.. I don't think its inherent, cultural mostly,

    • Um haha,I like guys and girls sexually and romantically.Friendship wise,I dislike girls

  • Guys are stronger than girls,

    Guys give girls the love and protection they need

    Guys are the ones who are romantic, i.e., dinner ect..

    well some guys

    • You can say about girls too :)

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    • oh OK, I thought as a female I had to say stuff about the males. OK well than.

      I'd say your first two points of girls

      Girls are more kind hearted than guys- My opinion

      Girls are more sensitive than guys. Very emotional.

      Girls think romantic while guys do romantic

      Girls make the guys feel good in many ways lol

      Thats all for now

    • EddyMetal

      Well than look harder. Because around the world many girls would feel honoured and loved and feel worthy and special if I guy done something romantic. It would be appreciated and cherished for the rest of their lives

  • I'm just happy a guy finally admitted girls are sweeter than guys & guys are more rude. So +1 for recognizing that.

    There are a lot of things men have going for them though, that women don't have. For one, men are much more forgiving then women & don't hold a grudge to till the end of time like women seem to. Men also have better control over their emotions, & don't break down like women sometimes do.

    Both genders have their goods & bads, but neither is better at the end of the day.

  • Guys are nice (most of the time...), girls can be bitchy.

    Girls are tougher (don't get me confused with stronger... C'mon people, Child birth?)

    Guy's are stronger (even if I don't want to face that fact)

    Girls are prettier (sorry dudes.)

    Both genders are dumb in their own rights lol.

    Girls suffer from monthly...

    Guys in turn also suffer from monthly...

    Girls are rude (most of them... and I didn't know that til I started public school in middle school)

    Guys can't explain.

    Girls can't listen.

    Guys can pack a punch.

    Girls can scratch your eyes out.

    So overall, both guys and gals have faults and strengths. And yes, I'm sorry but it's true. I believe girls are tougher then guys when it comes to immense pain. The only reason a girl ever cries when she is in pain is she is either giving birth, wants attention, or it really does hurt like hell. But I also have to admit, guys are stronger. Lucky B*st*rds.

    • well yeah birth pain guys can't feel, so maybe you would be right, instead of birth pain guys are more tougher :D.

      and what is suffer from monthly (I really don't get this)

    • Men can't experience child birth, so it can't be used for a legitimate comparison. Women only think they have a higher tolerance because birth is painful and they still manage to survive it. In reality, most of the science shows men have a higher pain tolerance. It's a physiological effect of testosterone.

  • Girls are more drama

    Girls are more for emotions

    Guys have a more "give a care attitude"

    Guys don't have aunt flo visiting most evey month

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What Guys Said 6

  • You must be retarded. Your first and third points are accurate, but the others? Not so much. People in general are rude, but I'd say rude girls are more common, and girls are mean as hell. You probably have a lot of money so you don't see girls for what they really are.

  • I've met plenty of rude girls. They're usually just rude in a passive aggressive sort of way, where as guys are more straight forward about it.

    Girls are definitely prettier than guys though. I'll agree on that one.

  • Guys aren't afraid to p*ss behind a dumpster...girls are.

    Guys aren't afriad to fart in public...girls hold it in, get bloated, and call it menstraul cramps

    Guys are funny...girls are not

  • (shooting for shock value)

    I'm a white, male. How many advantages can one person have? Case closed.

  • Transexuals are better than both put together. Actually, they are both put together.

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