Ok so I have broken up with my boyfriend, and he has a new girlfriend but he wants to be how we used to but he

Ok so I broke up with my boyfriend over a week ago. He said that at the moment he could have a girlfriend but we could just be friends but I got pissed and said no we shouldn't be anything, anyways I deleted him off facebook and we have talked until today and we confessed how much we missed each other. Then he told me I am a goegeous girl and he didn't care if I was really f***ing with his emotions or f***ing him over but he wanted to be back to how we used to be open and well while we were in a realtionship je would be douche and id put up with it and well he said he was sorry that.theres no excuse and thay allot was going on. But now he's dating another girl who is really pretty and I think I'm jealous which is bad, but besides that I would be down for anything and never told him no when we were dating. Except I'm a virgin we never had sex or anything though. Then well je videp called from our phones and talked and he says he wanted to see my boobs and all tht jazz and he said like who cares about anyome else don't you want to be happy and what not except he's cheating on his girlfriend with me I don't know what to do any advice I want him nack:/ and don't know what to do:/


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  • relationships never revert back to friendships, a general rule of thumb


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