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I want to meet someone that is just as damaged and dependent as I am. Not someone who is crazy from it but someone I can be with to work together as a couple to fix each other. I haven't been with anyone who has had a life like mine and I always end up feeling misunderstood and vulnerable. Is it wrong to want to be with someone who needs someone to lean on, as I do?


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  • It really depends. I had a boyfriend who was needy, broken and misguided too and truly we couldn't help each other. I went on to receive counseling and he has gone no where in life because he can't move forward from the past.You deserve to be healthy and be in a healthy relationship.

  • what happened ? in your life I mean...

    • I don't know. That's perhaps the worst part. It started out great. I remember family camping trips, smiling, taking pictures and feeling whole...feeling love without regret, without question. But that was until I was about 6 or 7. My father began teaching my brothers and I about sex. How important it was and how that was one thing that mattered most in life. There was so much that I knew was wrong with this. But what the f*** could I do? I am 22 now and it only got worse from there...

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    • That was just a small portion. I feel like I was robbed of my childhood, like I have been crippled mentally. My father was a sadistic ass hole. He used to beat us and then try to explain why we needed that type of structure in our lives. There is so much to go over if you are truly curious then message me.

    • its less curiosity, more I'm trying to help but yea OK, =)

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