How do you think he will react?

So this is a really tough situation... my boyfriend and I broke up about a month ago because 'he doesn't know what he wants'. About a week after our break up I found out I was pregnant with his baby. I didn't know what to do so I kept it a secret from everyone. Then I ended up having a miscarriage... I feel like I need to tell my ex because it's eating me up inside. How do you think he will react? I just don't know what to expect...


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  • you need to see two separate things:

    Thing A: how you resume contact, what happens with the relationship: moves into friendship? goes on/off/on/off? you lose contact with each other?

    Thing B: "oh, by the way, now that we've been friends again (or back together) for a couple weeks... I had a miscarriage, it would've been yours"

    Don't mix both things. If you "tell him" out of nowhere, it may seem clingy, or a way to "resume contact" or pressure or whatever. You need to find out wether you are goping to be friends or back together by normal means. Once that happens, you can tell him, and he'll most likely be supportive not only of the fact but of you having carried it "secretly" for a while.

    If he never gets in contact with you, or isn't interested in being your friend (or bf) then you don't want to tell him, there's no point, and if you did, he'd misinterpret it.


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  • well I would of told him when I found baby daddy walked out on me when I told him and he wanted me to abort my baby boy and that wasn't gonna happen.i think you should tell him about it and don't worry about how he would react.

  • I think that is an aweful idea and he will think you are just trying to get attention. What is the point of telling him? I think he will say, "why did you feel the need to tell me this?"


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