How do I get my mom to back off?!!

I am home from college for winter break and my mom is driving me insane. She says I don't do enough, and I'm too lazy.

This break I am getting ready to take the GRE, looking at grad schools for urban planning, and I had a 3.4 GPA this semester even with taking hard classes like climatology and geochemistry. I had a really rough semester also because I got stuck in a bad living situation and some of my best friends got into drugs and I don't see them anymore. I worked hard so this semester I found a new place to live and have gotten back in touch with old friends and gotten my spirits back up.

Not to mention my boyfriend of over and year and I broke up LAST NIGHT. I feel like I am doing surprisingly well today despite everything, and she is already giving me crap saying she worked today (when she works at home) and cleaned and stuff and I need to do more!

How can she expect so much of me when I am in such a tough place! How can she be telling me I'm not doing enough today when I just lost someone I loved last night.

Please help.


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  • Ughh my mom is just the same, she will nag all the time about me not cleaning enough or something so stupid just so she can nag about it. I always clean and stay home to watch my younger brothers while she just sleeps because of work. and when she isn't working she goes out and gets drunk, parties, gambles while I babysit. like wouldn't she rather spend her day off of work with her children? no! she pisses me off , but what I learned is just to ignore her, don't argue back with her because mothers NEVER NEVER realize they are wrong. they always think they are right, and when do they realize they are wrong which is rare, they don't apologize. there's no point in arguing really because you will not win. lol I finally realized that after so many arguments with her. My favorite thing to do to her is smile and laugh while she is yelling at me just to get her even more mad and she is the one that looks stupid, or when I'm talking calm with her and she is yelling her ass of. lmao , really just ignore her, at least you don't live with her


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  • Sounds like your mom is a total bitch. She doesn't understand what you've being through, that you need "space time" when not in school, working or whatever else you're doing. People relax and do "nothing" while sitting in front of the TV. That's "relaxing time" and is good for your mental/emotional health. Does your mom do that? Or something like that? Maybe use that as an argument to her as to why she thinks you're being lazy.

    • she does it all the time, she took a nap today and she's sitting in front of the TV right now

    • there you go. Sounds like she's being the "lazy one", eh? Point is we're not ants, nor computers, we cannot be working all the forkin' time. That's one way people go insane, and lose all track of self-awareness. Not healthy.

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  • your an adult right so tell your ma to back off why ask for advice


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