What is the best joke that you've heard this year? :)

To welcome the new year on a happy note, what is the funniest or best joke that you've heard this year? Also, feel free to share any good jokes that you have in mind. Hopefully this will bring smiles to everyone, especially those in need ;)


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  • There are 3 men sitting in starbucks and the 1st guy says "i must have the smallest arms in the world". The 2nd man says "i must have the shortest legs in the world". The 3rd one says "i must have the smallest d*ck in the world"

    They say to each other ,"lets go look it up and meet here later"

    the 1st man comes back and says, "i was right " the second guy says "i was right too"

    and the 3rd guy says "who the F*CK is Justin Bieber!?!"


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  • What do computer scientists use for birth control?

    their personalities!

    (yeah, I am one. let the mocking begin...)


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  • A woman loves tending to her garden but she can't get her tomatoes to turn from green to red. She asks her neighbor how? he makes the tomatoes in his garden red and he says

    "Every morning I walk into my garden completely naked, the tomatoes blush from embarrassment"

    She tries his idea for a week. At the end of the week he asks

    "How are your tomatoes?"

    And she answers

    "They haven't changed much, but you should see the size of my cucumbers"

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