Ex boyfriend wants me back but is afraid because he can't change?

ex wants me back. but he is afraid that he can't change. when we were together before he was irresponsible. he ditches me. he just contacts me when he feels like to. but he wants me to be there for him. he was unfair to me.

i can't believe people like this exist. can't change for a love one :<

we just talked. he wants me back he told me he misses me. but he thinks that he can't change. he said maybe because he is still young. he told me he tried last time when we were together to change. the reason for our break up is that he can't commit to me I mean he can't take care of me. he do what he wants to do. he doesn't want to hurt me.

so what should he or me do? I told him the only person who can help him with his problem is himself. then he told me to give him some time. but I'm just really curious what else to do because I really want him back :'(


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  • The only person that can make him change is himself, if he doesn't really want to change he never will..he sounds selfish and uncaring if he really cares about you he should change for you no matter what age and if not its time to move on and find a guy who will commit and treat you right.

    • yeah I thought of that. I can't believe he can't change for me. for us. wtf. :( he said he tried but he really cant.

    • If he was really trying to change than he would be able to trust me I've been through guys like that they will never change if they haven't yet.

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