Can someone help me interpret these signs from my ex girlfriend

So we broke up 4 months ago and on no contact for 2 and out of the blue she started contacting me again. The first time it was at 1am and it started out as small talk then she said "Glad you talked to me." Also before she contacted me, she added me on facebook but I guess changed her mind because it showed up in my email but not on my facebook. so a week passes and again at 1am she contacts me saying " I just re-added yahoo onto my phone and noticed you were on and thought I would say hey." So another week has passed and we have mutual friends and I guess they all went out to dinner and she was asking about me. Can some one please help me figure out what this means?


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  • She might be testing the waters trying to be your friend after the break up. It doesn't really sound like a I miss him and want to get back together with him thing right now. Howdid you guys break up? Being that you all have friends in common she might just be wanting your friendship and not have either one of yo to be excluded from get togethers.That doesn't mean if you both learned what caused the break up it couldn't be fixed and you both reconcile in the future.

    • It was a bit of a messy break up, a lot of back and forth on her part. Right after we broke up, she started calling me telling me that she was depressed and stuff. So we kept communication open and she would call me and tell me that she can't stop thinking about me. Well a week before we went to no contact she blew up my phone for 3 days till I answered and she admitted that she still loved me but she had the urge to date, which that led to the no contact. Now I guess she has a new guy

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  • My ex is reconnecting like this after 3 months just like yours with the small talk. I think she is testing the waters and probably wanting to be friends again. I think a lot of girls do it this way when they are unsure about how they feel about you. It's just up to you whether you want to wait around for her to make a decision or move on.


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