Should I let it go or wait awhile?


I had been hanging out with this guy every weekend for a month, he was asking me to go to movies and dinner and to meet his friends! Christmas came, he went with me to a Christmas party at work. (and it was fun, we both voice what good times we were having, he told me he liked me...etc)

And then BAM! It's like he disappeared, he was telling me about how busy work was and I understood that. But WTF you go from one extreme to the other? I asked him if he wanted to get together so I could give him his X-mas gift and he said yes, and I talked to him last night and he didn't mention anything, I don't want to keep bringing it up and have him find me being annoying if he wants me to take a hike. And if he does that's fine, but at least tell me! What am I supposed to do? I thought maybe I would give it until the craziness of the holiday comes to a close and wait to see if he contacts me. I am so frustrated right now, I am so terrified to ask him anything( because I don't want to annoy him or seem needy) and I don't know if I should say anything to him or just let it go.


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  • Add me to the list! The exact same thing happened to me. He went from the one extreme to the other. He told me he liked me and all, then all of a sudden he disappeared.

    And yes I didn't want to seem needy by contacting him but in my case I had nothing to lose so I did. He text me back and was polite but vague. In my case it is obvious he is not interested.

    I think text him once, and wait for his txt. If you get a vague reply, a very late reply with a cheap excuse or no reply, definitely forget about him which is what I'm doing! (But hopefully urs will work out =])

  • Ughh, I know exactly how you feel, the same thing happened to me. You have such a good time together but then, all of a sudden, you barely talk any more. You don't know whether to message him or not because you don't want to seem needy, but you can't help but think what went wrong. He could be genuinely too busy, but on the other hand he could have just been a bit of a player, got bored and moved on. If he likes you he'll get in contact, but if he doesn't then he's just a jerk that isn't worth wasting your time on. Leave it to him to get in touch :)


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