What went wrong and can it be fixed?

I was dating this 33 year old, I’m 25. He has 3 kids but recently broken up with his girlfriend in March. And we started dating in June. Things were actually perfect. He works for 3 weeks and he’s home for 2 and in those 2 weeks we had a great time together. Talked about the future a lot. We were together 4 months and we talked about kids and we just bought a car together. He told his parents about me and things were great. I was supposed to meet them and the kids (all his idea) and Then the next day things completely changed. One day he loved me and the next he didn't want to talk to me. So I gave him space for a few days when he left to go back to work but I went over and said bye and kissed him and love you’s. I didn’t hear from him for 4 days when he left. I messaged him to tell him to be man enough to say it was over instead of ignoring me. Long story short he wrote back and said “I’m sorry you did nothing wrong or anything at all really. I’m sorry but I just want to be single I don’t want anyone. I’m sorry don’t cry it’s not you ur a good person. I’m sorry I got your hopes up. Please don’t be mad” and then he blocked me on Facebook right after. I didn’t reply after that but I’m clearly at a loss for words because I’m not sure what went wrong and I don’t think I’ll ever get that closure now. I still have stuff left at his house. I just feel like an idiot for ever believing anything he said. I truly do think he loved me but I don’t know what I did. Wish someone could give me some advice.
He’s also suffers from depression and anxiety which is takes medication for


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  • He rushed into things with you because you filled a hole in his heart, but then things got real, so he freaked out.

    For what it's worth, it doesn't sound like you are missing out on much. The guy has 3 kids to an ex he couldn't commit well enough to, to call his wife.

    • Well 2 kids with this ex and the other is from a previous ex who lives away. He was married before but not to any of the 2 he had kids with. He said they split up because she was very controlling and became abusive to him in front of the kids so he told her to take what she came with and move out of the house. He said he was over the relationship months before she moved out and there was absolutely no feelings left

    • Every guy says that...

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  • 3 Fucking kids man he was busy. This dude is way super old for you maybe consider dating a 27 young year old like me. I own A Dodge Ram truck and Im a good looking guy.

  • How long had he dated the previous girlfriend with whom he broke up in March?

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    • Initially, he probably thought that he was ready for a relationship.

    • You’re probably right

  • He met someone else

    • You think so? He was always pretty open like I could take his phone and do whatever like he was trustworthy. I was almost thinking the parents didn’t approve and that’s what changed his mind

  • You where his rebound

    • I’m starting to feel like I was. But the guy sure made me feel like I wasn’t up until we broke up. Now I’m stuck with a car that will forever have his name on it as a reminder of what he did to me

    • That's not a fun experience but you gotta move on from this. I wish you luck

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