Does having no contact with her ruin my chances? there still a chance?

Ex girl broke up with me like 3 months ago (we were together for almost a year)..Yea spilled my heart out to her Everything was great when we were together. Long story short...she broke up with me to get back with her ex from high school, they been apart for like 10 years she says. She moved back home with him...also to probably be with her family too. Although she wants to be friends with me, I tried for a while but not ready to just be friends, as I really love her a lot, and I don't think that will change. We haven't spoke in about a month so far.

When we broke she said she loved me, could see us falling madly in love, and maybe some day we will..who knows; I understand she might of said this to make me feel better, not sure.

Well just want to know...does this kind of thing usually last (her getting with her long ago ex / nostalgia)? Does anyone think she may want to get back together with me? Or what are the chances of us getting back together? Does having no contact with her ruin my chances?


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  • its understandable not to keep contact with a person you love after they brake up with you and even worst when it was to be with an ex... as for she coming back to you, that's a tough one . I guess it all depends on her love for him . this doesn't mean that she didn't love you, it just means that she pick the person tht she thinks she can't live without.. anyway no ultimatums here, what the hell do I know after all ? lol

    just be happy with yourself if she comes back then good, if she doesn't don't be all sad cheer up and move on :)

    ... I'm not the smartest person but I hope this helps :)

  • That seems so heartless of her to break up with you, and then to get with another guy. Also she said she loved you, and if you love someone you wouldn't do that to them. You guys didn't break up because someone cheated, or was abusive. So I think there's still a chance you can get back with her. Seems like she has a lot of growing up to do, and needs experiences to realize that she lost a great guy like you!

    • Thanks...whats really weird, is that I am the kind of guy that could fall in love with any girl that I had a great connection with (I am really not needy, desperate or anything like that). When you really do meet, and truly know the love of your life, nothing else matters. I want to do anything I can to get her back...I just don't know what to do anymore?

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