I feel like he chose her over me...I don't understand, my first love.

OK, so I dated this guy when I was 13 years old until about 18 on and off. I was his first love and he was mine. he cheated on me I broke up with him and got married to someone else in a very short time. no closure was done..i was trying to forget about him..he looked for me like 2 years later after that and we kept in touch through email for about 5 years on and off. this year though it went to another level and I had an affair with him for about a year, we talked about everything and our hurt and pain our feelings our current relationships. I never though I would do such thing and I left my husband because he found out..he kept wanting me to wk things out with him our relationship had been rocky from the start sense I wasn't in love when I first got married. it came to the point when my first loves fiance found out about us and they changed their wedding date, it turns out she gave him another chance put him on a leash and so on and he still managed to sneak away to see me there where many times where I tried to cut off the relationship but he always managed to keep me around..he said he loved me and that I was his true love and that unfortunately we where at different times in our lives and he wanted to start his own family since I already had mine. the thing is that I really don't want a relationship with him because he is a cheater always has, but its hard to forget about your first love...sometimes I doubt I am his because I have always felt like I have been second in his life, he said he was an idiot for not committing to me and that it has been a problem since us for him to cheat and commit because I left him with no closure. but now he is getting married and I told him we where done but it still hurts not talking to him and I feel like he chose her over me...


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  • there are two sides of a relationship...he chose someone else, but you also chose someone else out of anger/jealousy/frustration that created this mess as well...closure is only important for moving on, but not necessary outside of that...you're passed that and you've lost a marriage for that-you should break it off rather than continue being addicted to him


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