Why did he break up with me?

Almost a month ago, I got dumped. We were together for 9 months, had a "thing" for three months prior, and were best friends before any of this even happened. Because we were taking the risk of damaging our friendship by having a relationship, I always thought there was a note of seriousness in what we had together. I knew I loved him before he actually told me that he loved me, but when he finally did tell me he said he had wanted to wait until the right moment to say it. He said he didn't want to be one of those couples that said I love you on the first day because then the words wouldn't mean anything. We weren't each others' first relationships, but we were each others' longest. We never had sex, but we both went farther with each other than we ever had before. Then he broke up with me and said it was because he wasn't ready for a serious relationship. Maybe it's just me, but that just doesn't seem like it fits our whole situation. Why stay with me for 9 months? Why tell me that he loved me? Love indicates seriousness, doesn't it? Did he just tell me that because he thought that was what I wanted to hear? Or maybe he thought he loved me but then realized he actually didn't, or he really did love me but just fell out of love. I want to believe the last one, but it doesn't make sense with his whole "not ready for a serious relationship" excuse. I tried asking him about it, but he just told me he wanted to break up with me for the same reason around 3 months but decided not to because we had already taken that big risk of being together; we might as well go on, right? Imagine how crappy that made me feel. I just want to know the real reason why. Or did he really tell me the real reason why, and I'm just being paranoid?

Break-ups suck. :/


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  • well, you could just be paranoid and he really just isn't ready for a serious long relationship.. I would wait a little and talk to him about it.. just don't come on too strong because I learned the hard way, itll only make things so much worse

  • HE IS JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU Easy peasy yes it sucks sorry


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