Ex-girlfriend sends emails?

My ex girlfriend of five years broke up with me about a year ago claiming she needed time alone to "find" herself before making a commitment (as if five years wasn't enough). So she ceased all communication.

Frankly I've managed quite well without her, and have been very, very happy with my life. About six months later she sends me an email asking to be friends. I replied and told her I was doing good without her and was dating my coworker (which I did only once). I'm never mean to her and still treat her like I love her. And I do, but not the same way.

Lately I've got the impression she wants to get together again. What should I do? I'd enjoy rekindling an old flame, but don't want to waste my time on a girl that can't make up her mind. Five years together is hard to put away.


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  • Ok this is probably a completely girly answer but you have to go with your heart. There is no garent that she won't dump you again and even if she tells you she won't there is still a chance that she will. But don't we take that chance with anyone we get with? My point is if you want her back and you still have romantic feelings for her give it another try.

    Best wishes

    Good Luck

    • Thanks for the input! I do miss her somewhat but don't have any romantic feelings for her at all. More or less just see her as a friend I know a lot about.

    • humm then really consider if you want to start something with her again. Going into a relationship with no romantic feelings for her may just wind up hurting you both.

      Go with what you feel is right.

      Good Luck

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