Is my EX testing me because she's interested or is she not interested.

I knew this woman and dated her on and off for years. Though I had not heard from her for a while... Then I found her on FB having just started up "in a relationship" with another guy.

It's only been two full months now for them.

I sent an email bearing my soul and how I still felt about her. Which it seems she showed to her BF( or, possibly she was caught reading it by him. )

Here's my question:

Could the EX Girlfriend be in a way... testing us to see which one of us will back down?

In my email exchange with this guy I can't help but feel like a stagg locking horns with another stagg while the female looks on waiting to choose the stronger male. It's all very primal feeling.

I mean if she just told me to scram herself that would be it, no drama just goodbye. Doing things this way just in


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  • Well, you bearing your soul to her is a big mistake in my opinion. How long ago did you guys break up? Is it long distance thing also?

    • I know the play it cool school of thought. I have a very long history with this woman. We first met in 1999 and were on and off for six years, then had an LDR for three years and haven't had contact for three years until last November. While this Boyfriend had only been "in a relationship" with her for a month at that time, and for two months when I fessed up to still having feelings.

      She knows I am a very bold guy. Which is why it felt like a test for one or both of us.

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