Why can't I get over her?

I broke up with my girlfriend about a month ago. I felt as though she didn't love me as much as I loved her, her family was horrible, and she was possibly cheating on me. I really loved her but had to end it because certain things in our relationship were toxic. She still creeps into my thoughts and fucking dreams. I just want to move on


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  • It"s only been a month, you can't rush affairs of the heart everyone is different, It feels like crap I know, you are wondering when is it going to stop?
    But it will stop eventually each day the pain will be just that little bit duller time really does heal, but not fully you will always feel something for her whether it be hate/anger
    Affection/sadness there will always be an emotion attached.
    Keep busy, you are young go back on the dating scene for fun nothing too serious while you're healing it will help


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  • Dude go on dates with other women. Go out and game bro, level up and pull girls man


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  • It is going to take time. You cannot expect to move on after 1 month. That is nothing compared to the time together with her. Take it a day at a time and allow yourself to feel these emotions and feelings. They will pass I can assure you. You have to feel these things to move on. Accept it will hurt for a while but keep yourself as busy as possible and create personal goals for you. There is also plenty of resources online (reddit forums, youtube vids etc). Make use of them

  • It will take time to get over her just focus on your well being and even start seeing other people it might help you realize that there are other possibilities to an amazing relationship with someone who will love you and care deeply for you. It happens love is difficult to find but once you find it it’s heaven on earth.


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