Women what are some things you expect out of a relationship?

I guess I am trying to figure some things out and make sure I don't get the short end of the stick. I like to please the people that I care about but honestly I think I require very little to be pleased... so I am thinking I should up the ante and require a little more. Tell me what you guys expect from the guy in your life?


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  • I want him to at least spend some quality time with me apart from his video games and work. I need him to MAKE time for me.

    for example:

    come home for work and goes straight to games

    make 20 min time for me to eat dinner

    goes straight to video games until bed time

    but you see? He made 20 min time for me, and some times not even so I take what I can get I suppose

    and we're both 25 and been married 1/2 a year

  • Depends on your personality, where you are in your life, and what you're looking for. Personally, I'm staunchly independent and I don't want a provider or protector, I want a companion I can trust implicitly. Someone who is genuinely interested in who I am, that loves and respects me. I like a challenge and don't want to agree about everything, so I enjoy people who are intelligent and openminded. Most of all I want someone who sees me as an equal that gives as good as they get.

    I also, understand that not everyone feels this way which is why we are all unique and end up with different people.


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