I just need a few tips, to let him know I am interested?

So I have been know to be pretty shy, and I have been seeing a lot of an old co-worker (we were friends or anything while we worked together and never talked to him outside of work or much at work...But we ran into each other a few months ago, chatted and emailed for awhile and then started meeting, up for dinner and movies, and I met his friends)

long story short, he' is growing on me and I really like him, but my shyness is holding me back. I am so afraid to be myself around him(he always knew I was shy from work) but it is driving me crazy, so I am thinking it might be driving him as well. I don't want my shyness to blow anything that might come out of this, but I feel like I haven't the slightest clue when it comes to flirting, (I am ready to let the shyness go). Any tips for me?


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  • I have been in this same situation, where I felt that there was some chemistry but I wasn't sure if she felt the same way. We texted back and forth and hung out, but neither of us would make a first move. I think we both just weren't sure.

    I would suggest two things. First, start with the eyes. Look long into his eyes and face. That's what I do with a lady I am dating. If she stares back or grins and hits me, I know the attraction is mutual. If she avoids eye contact or physical contact, then she probably isn't attracted - or she isn't ready or isn't sure. Once that contact is established, things will start to move in the right direction.

    Second option is to get him drunk. I hate to say it, but it works. Most shy people are not really shy, they are just waiting for that right moment or signal. Getting drunk together is a pretty time-honored way to make that right signal. If you think about it: we all know that we are going to lose inhibitions when we toss back a couple. If you drink alone with someone of the opposite sex, you are pretty much guaranteed to let something slip either verbally or physically. While this is not the healthiest option, I know plenty of couples who were awkward until they uncorked a bottle of wine together.


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