Guy number 3 who likes to be treated like sh*t.

He said I was everything he asked for in a girl, yet somehow I wasn't enough.

What amazes me is that it sounded like he was still having feelings for his ex, who ignored him for 3 f***ing years and treated him like sh*t.

I made sure to do everything I could to do things right... I was so good to him...

Ughhhh I always get the guys who prefer sh*tty ex girlfriends who treat them like sh*t. Only this one can get with his ex, because his ex wouldn't even take him for f***ing charity.

F***this dude. I wish I could be lesbian.


I was everything he asked for, but nothing he wanted. And now I'm just grouchy I had to break up with him.


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  • For some reason, if you are really nice to a guy, it turns him off. Too many guys have ruined their lives by going after women who treat them like dirt... My brother-in-law's brother just shot himself two months ago because some cruel woman was ruining his life. He had so much going for him, but this woman just had a hold of him. She told him he was too cowardly to ever take his life, so he proved he wasn't by shooting himself. I don't know why men go for these kind of women, I, like you, always treat men good, & I've never had a bf- go figure.


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  • It's not just guys. We always want what we can't have. Being rejected makes us want the rejecter even more. So, now that you got rid of him, be sure to ignore him completely and show him that you can leave without him, and he'll start wanting you back.

    • I don't want him to want me :/ I just want to meet someone who can be honest with me from the start. I'll live.

  • I have felt the same about a number of women: why would she prefer that jobless woman-beater to me? Lol. The truth is, you just need to admit to yourself that he just wasn't that into you - sorry to break it to ya. If you had really knocked his socks off, he would have forgotten about his ex. I know because I was having trouble getting over a woman. New girls just didn't compare. I met a girl who totally blew me away . . . without even realizing it, I forgot about the ex.

    So, you need to use that same psychology on yourself. To stop being hung up over this pathetic guy, go find a guy who knocks your socks off. It really isn't that hard if you spend some time looking.

    • Yeah, I've admitted that. It's just a little hard to think that a "nice guy" lied to me and f***ed me over after he said all that he did. Bitch called me perfect; ugh. So frustrating. I just love how I end up with guys who are in love with their middle school girlfriends.

      Whatever, he'll miss me when his hands get tired.

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