What do you do when?

If a guy cheated on his girlfriend with you but you didn't know he had one. And you guys messed around but now you don't know how to handle things. Also questions in my head is am I really pretty or did he just say that? What do I do?


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  • I am sure you are pretty, but that can't be the only reason he did something like this. The main reason would be that he isn't very good at resisting temptation and is clearly not a very trustworthy guy. He wasn't honest with you, and he isn't being honest with his girlfriend. Don't bother with him, even if he brokeup with his girlfriend the chance of him doing the same thing to you are VERY likely.

    • thanx that really does make things easier.

    • no problem! just to try best not to give into him temptations either...cute guys can be VERY deceiving

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  • Wow.No wonder people see relationships as jokes nowadays.Guys love cheating and girls love being home wrecking sluts.Nice.

  • Aim I really pretty? Seriously...?

    I would just walk away and not look back


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