What’s your thoughts on burning pictures of an ex, who was abusive, manipulative and toxic?

I felt the need of burning them all up, to move on.

I loved him, and he loved me. But not anymore and he was telling people lies about me. Spreading numbers of rumours

So I thought
“you know what, it’s time for me to move the fuck on. Not hang on to those love letters he wrote, or the pictures we took”

Even though I already HAD moved on, this whole burning memories just helped me feel more honest to myself.

Therefore I don’t think burning pictures is unhealthy. BUT my stepmom thinks it’s a form of aggression or something.

what do you think?
  • Yeah it’s fine nothing wrong with it (my opinion)
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  • Uh that’s unhealthy no-no. (This is my stepmoms opinion btw)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • neither healthy nor unhealthy... pretty ineffective tbh...

    use them for dart boards etc much easier and satisfying or just give them to pervert who would appreciate them knowing that one day that pervert might recognise her in the street and say... oh I know you, I masturbated to your photo's many times over :D

    • Yeah well um my dart skill sucks ya know:((

    • lol no worries so did mine ;) lol

Most Helpful Girl

  • It feels amazing I burned everything my ex gave me and shot at pictures of him. It quiet therapeutic to just say fuck it and watch it all burn

    • RIGHT?

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    • That's awesome we had a great time shooting and burning that stuff really helped move on. I hope it does the same to you. Im happy you're out of that horrible situation.

    • Yeah me too. Except my stepmom thinks I’m having a relationship drama and telling me that burning pics is “unhealthy” lol

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  • I'd have more fun taking them to the range and destroying them that way. But to each their own.

    • Right? I just don’t know why my stepmom is making bud deal out of this. It was fun, maybe not as much as your idea, but I felt great ya know?

    • Yeah, I'm just glad I didn't have any pictures of me with my ex to start with

    • Ooofff dang boy

  • Just be careful I have been to more then one boyfriend burn that got out of hand in my days as a volenteer fire fighter

  • Personally I find its cathartic as hell

    • RIGHT

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    • It was the worst part of the whole thing if they had come to me I would not have only stepped aside but given them both my blessings. I have a simple rule if you find yourself interested romantically in someone not not sexually but romantically, then end the relationship as best as you can and move on.

    • Yes I agree with you.

  • Burrrn.


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