Why can't I get over him?

Its been a year since we broke up. We dated for only 6 months, but he was my first love and I was never as comfortable with someone as I was with him. We spent every single day together and one day he just broke up with me, and never gave me a real reason why he did. Everytime I try and date someone and it doesn't work out I always start missing my ex again. I don't know what to do to get him out of my head, because meeting new people isn't working. It's only making it worse. I'm starting to feel crazy because I can't let him go.. please help!


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  • You probably hear this all of the time, but focus on other things like a hobby or something new that will take your mind off him. I felt the same as you beforem, every guy I met just made me think about my ex more because they were nothing compared to him. I still haven't met anyone who I really like, however I am not longing for my ex like I used to. I know I will find someone one day who will make me happier than my ex, and so will you.


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  • If you still have contact with him, I would ask him why he broke up with you. You seem to want to know what was the problem with the relationship that made him go away.

    • yeah I tried talking to him about it, and it always gets us into a huge fight.. Everyone tells me if were still fighting then he still cares, and that isn't making anything easier.. and he just says stuff that confuses me

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    • he hasn't dated anyone since me, and he made it a point to say he hasn't and pointed out that I have.. and when I try texting him or calling him he doesn't respond =/

    • Then confront the situation and tell him how you feel.

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