I need to get over him...

So me and this guy were seeing each other for a few months, I'm not really sure if we were officially "dating" or not, the lines were kinda blurry. Anyways, I really liked him but I found out he was with other girls when he told me I was the only girl he was seeing. Later he told me he wasn't ready for a relationship and that we should stop seeing each other, so we did. When we were seeing each other there were times when we would go weeks without talking, and looking back now the only time he contacted me was when he wanted to hook up. It's obvious that he was not a good guy, but why am I still not over him? It's been a few weeks since we broke up or whatever, and I thought I was moving on, but then I saw a picture of him and all my old feelings came back. When I think about it I know that I will probably be more happy on my own than with him, but I still can't get over him.


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  • It's going to take time becauseeverybody heals differently. I would say try to put everything that reminds you of him in a shoe box or box and tape it up and put it some where. Looking at his pictures and tsuff like that is going to bring up old feelings. Try not to think about him and go out and have fun and move on. It's a new year so start of fresh. Move forward not backwards.


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