I saw my ex at a new years party tonight

I only talked to her once the whole night, just to say hi. After that I tried to ignore her and move on with my business but, damn I couldn't stop staring. She looked so good. She got this new hairstyle and color, she looks so happy, I wish I was the one who was making her happy again. Could I ever get her back?


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  • Really depends on why you split.. But I wouldn't ever go back to a lit firework if you get me


What Guys Said 1

  • As much as it hurts man, you just have to focus on what's smart for you. Forget about your ex man, it was, it happend, and it's over. That's what you have to focus on..."It already happened"

    I mean, obviously there is something in that relationship that doesn't make it last.

    Getting back with an ex is more complicated then it seems. There will always be doubts.

    There's nothing like starting fresh with a new girl right? Just be friendly with your ex but don't act like she's something so important in your life...that's called losing your balls to her. Talk friendly when you see her, then move on. I have been in your same situation man, and I know it sucks. You have to stay confident in yourself and just say "next". What usually helps me when I think about my ex, is I just reminisce and think about the bitchy stuff she did in our relationship. It helps remind me what I hated about her. But if she was perfect and you were the douch bag in the relationship, then that won't apply for you .

    Just get out into the world and meet new singles. Have your mind on other subjects rather than her. Keep your mind focused on things that make you happy. You'll feel better


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