Is my boyfriend Cheating

Well you see me and this guy have been dating for awhile now but we never get to see each other but at school...So I'm just scared when he's not around me is he flirting with other girls. I'm just scared he is cheating what do I afraid if I ask him he might just freak out about it and then break up with me...So plzzz help me what should I do?


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  • well hav your friends told you something abt him that he is with other gir or its jus your mind thought. would say if you know him very well then you can jus ask him like do you have friend tha tare girls or but I suggest if you hav proof to ask you surely can. but if you trust him you know him very well then dont.

    coz I believe its in girls nature to think like that sinnce you two don't see each other that much but I would also suggest try to spend more and more time if you can with him to know him better

    • yea I really want its just my dad he don't let me see guys out side of school and that's y most of my realstionship but I just feel like he is

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    • yea I have tryed that so manytimes telling him I have to learn by my own mistakes and he just yells at me and crap like that

    • he is like my dad so am gonna leave the house by my finals. but I don't know what to tell you your dad seems like mine and I personally not gonna stay with him.if he doesn't understand to giv jus one try emotional talking always works.try that jus once and then if it doesn't then listen to your heart without being scared by some crap and do what your heart says.good luck twin :}

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  • First thing I want to tell you is that you deserve the best man for your boyfriend, to the extent, your future husband.

    First rule, maybe in extreme, in relationship, don't assume anything. It can be your feeling, or a hunch, that make yourself feel cheated.

    If he like you and wish to continue the relationship with you, then he will give you a straight answer. If he is circumventing any part of his answer, then you should agree with your assumption.

    When guys give out straight answer, then they want the relationship to continue. Just ask him, don't worry about what he'll say, face it and understand his true feeling toward you. Good luck!


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  • Sounds like you are just paranoid... Until he shows signs of cheating, don't worry about it. You can't live your life in fear, if your guy cheats, he cheats. You can't do anything until you find out, & dump his cheating butt. Until then, just chill out.


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