I need to know if I should let her go or what should I do?

In 6th grade a girl liked me. In 7th grade she fell out of me and I became attracted to her. I am still not sure if she still likes me and if I should let her know. There are details were she fliers and gives signs and sometimes she doesn't. at a dance she waved at me and smiled. I ask her to dance ad she said yes. She was nervous and her voice was cracking and when the dance was over we walked away she followed me and hugged me. And when I said you look pretty via text she said would you say that too me at school? I said of course. A down is she never added me to her phone contacts. I need to know if I should let her go or what should I do? Please full description! I can't say so my self but I think I love. Her so


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  • Maybe she's scared of letting her parents ( or siblings, friends) that she has a boyfriend? I think she wants you but is just scared of the family part. If you're still in middle school / early high school this is the most likely reason that she isn't adding you in her contacts

    • She also when I asked her to te movies as friends her parents said she was too young but she said yes until her parents so

    • yeah, is the family problem

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