Why do men who have girlfriends try to keep in contact with women they dated in the past...?

they still want to see you, hang out and in some cases talk and text? I have even deleted them off of my social networks and they add me back.

From my situation these are guys that I dated for a bit but we broke it off, or we went out on a few dates and had an okay time and friendship was best. Also a few ex-boyfriends. Not all the relationships were sexual and actually very few were.

I guess what bothers me most is I am wondering if my current boyfriend does the same thing and if so why? Are they unhappy with their current girlfriends? because to me it seems very disrespectful.


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  • If you think he is seeing these old grlfriends too much, then I suggest you have a conversation with him about this, rather tham let this fester and blow up bigger. He needs to explain his feelings to you to make you feel comfortable about your relationship.

    As far as old girlfriends and contacting goes, I personally think if two people end relationships mutually understanding the reasons why it ended, you could be friends to some extent. I have a few old girlfriends as friends.

  • I don't. But I know some people that I know are doing that. There are two explanation that I've learn from people. One is that they are trying to be courteous of their past relationship. However, in your case, to me, they are being safe with their life by holding you in contact. What you've described above shows that.

    For your boyfriend, I don't know if he's having a same mindset. What you can do, if you prefer, is ask him directly. If they are comfortable being in relationship with you and don't mind his previous, if he ever had one, then he will give you a straightforward answer. Good luck!


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