What do I do about an ex-friend who has turned toxic?


So I had a guy friend for two years. We were inseparable. Then he started competing with me, putting me down and started excluding me because I think inside he is really insecure and wants to make himself feel better.

I finally decided after a specific event I wanted to walk away from the friendship. He begged me in a letter to reconcile but I told him I no longer felt our friendship was healthy. He sent me several nasty letters calling me all sorts of names after that and told all our mutual friends I was crazy, etc.. He spreads rumors about me and has joined several clubs I am in at our college. I have to see him a lot but I no longer say hi.

It is hurtful because I really did care about him and I know he wants to see me hurt. Its horrible to have to run into him all the time. What do I do?


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  • Call the police. Show them the letters/e-mails and get a restraining order against him.


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