After 6 months of silence I get poked on facebook; what does my ex-girlfriend want ?

I have an ex-girlfriend, whom I dated for the greater part of 2 years. I won't bother you all with pointless details, but I will say our romance was filled with an equal share of good and bad. about 6 months ago I broke off all communication with her for blowing me off one night, and I never looked back. But lo and behold she has started reaching out to me through Facebook. Making her status say things that were inside jokes between us, and just now she actually mustered the courage to contact me directly via poke. I would just like some female input as to what could be running through her head.

Why reasons would make a girl want to reconnect with their ex's?

in my past experiences it seems that girls talk to their exes when things are going good (so they can brag) or they are having boy troubles and are attempting to re-validate their sex appeal.

Facebook "pokes" are so general that it leaves a lot to the imagination, but I would like the ladies out there to tell me what they think my ex is up to and if I should reply or ignore her. Thank you in advance ;)


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  • i think she's missing u.

    they say ''You never know what you have until you lose it''

    So, maybe she just realize how great you were

    • Thanks for the reply! I find that cliche to hold true, but "it" has been gone for quite some time. We haven't dated for about 2 years isn't that a long time to carry a torch?Especially for someone who cut you out of their life?

  • i think she is either missing you or just playing with you. Many girls that I know do that with their ex's. they don't want it to be awkard with each other so they decide to just try to make things cool between them and their ex

    • You input is very insightful, and I thank you for it. I could see her missing me. After I stopped talking to her she texted me calling em her "soul mate" , I feel she said it out of desperation though. On the other hand, I have trouble seeing the motivation for her to try to pluck my heart strings, especially so long after our relationship's end. If she doesn't miss me then why try to stir up an emotional sh*t storm when I'm already over it and moved on?

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