A lasting relationship or a dragged out crush?

This guy and I were best friends ever since we were little, and I've liked him on and off for about six years. His whole family, including him knows about it as well as my family. It has been a long standing joke between our families for years that we would get married/date. He has told me multiple times that he has liked me, but that was years ago. Last year on new years eve, I told him that I liked him, only to have him chuckle at what I said. A couple weeks later I had the courage to ask him why he laughed, and he replied that he already knew that I liked him.

We hadn't been speaking a lot throughout the whole year, just saying "hi" occasionally when passing in the hallways at school. The past week or so, he's been speaking to me more, and we've had a few longer conversations. Sometimes it seems as though he is flirting with me, other times not. I'm not sure if he likes me as more than a friend, just a friend, or he's just trying to be polite. What are some things that I can ask him to find out whether or not he likes me? What do you think?

*On New Year's Eve, I told him I liked him and asked whether I was wasting my time or not. He chuckled, and never ended up responding.

**Also last night while we were talking he remembered the college that I told him I wanted to go to over 4 years ago and asked me if I still wanted to go there.


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  • i wouldn't get to excited over this guy, I think he's just keeping you interested, if he really wanted to pursue you he would not just dangle you. it's not so special that he remembers your school of choice either I can remember random junk to people told me years ago clearly as well. probably sees you as a friend but is probably horny as well, and I don't mean horny for a relationship with you, just horny. sounds immature, stay friends for a few years (I know it's FOREVER right?) then see where it goes (in other words let him mature a bit).


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