Help! Can I ever get my ex back?

OK so I dated a guy 9 months ago for only 4 months. I liked him a lot but we broke up partly because I moved away to college but also because I felt he wasn't really that into me. I met a guy in college and we dated up until 2 months ago.

Whilst I was dating my ex I tried to contact him once to see how he was. He told me not too contact him as he still has feelings for me and did not want to be friends or anything like that. It left me confused as I didn't think he liked me that much! I must admit I started thinking about him more and more after that and wondering what could've been if we were still dating.

After I split from my ex I contacted him again and to my surprise he responded and was really nice to me. We texted a few times and I mentioned I had split from my boyfriend and that it would be nice to meet up. We met up and had a blast. I was being flirty and he was responsive. I plucked up the courage to tell him I liked him again. He told me that he didn't feel the same anymore. That I really hurt him and he took a long time to get over me and he does not think he could risk going back their as he doesn't want to risk me hurting him again. I was annoyed as I would never have split up with him if I thought he had liked me so much in the first place. Now I don't know what to do. I always liked him but now he doesn't feel the same I don't know whether to hang in their as a friend and hope he comes around or just try to forget him?

oh by the way I am a girl but I think I messed up the registration. I'm such an idiot!


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  • If he has told you he doesn't feel the same way and that you hurt him I think maybe you should give up unless you can prove that you won't hurt him again - stay friends and see what happens in the future :) You never know!...

    • well how do you think I can prove it to him? Be a frieing and and just be their for him. I'm worried he'll never see me as anything more or do guys ever place us in the friend zone?

    • I think the best thing to do is be there for him when he needs you but you may have to accept that he really does just want to be 'friends' I'm not so sure they ever do place us in the 'friend' zone...all of my exes have said lets be 'friends' but when it comes down to being 'friends' I never hear from them and say hi when I see them but that's it..I personally wouldn't waste any more time on him - make him make the effort..I'm in the same situation my ex wants to be friends its hard :(

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  • You can get him back but you're right, you really pushed him away. You should try to stay friends with him, but change your look. Something new and refreshing for hm to drool over. That's a good tactic.. I've seen it work many times.


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