Complicated situation ex boyfriend / new boyfriend so lost?

We will start off by saying that my ex boyfriend was married and 15 years older than me we started out just friends going hiking smoking bowls that sort of thing. Well I fell for him hard and finally agreed to be more than friends with him after that I got a letter from his wife saying it was OK that I be his girlfriend she just wanted him to be happy well life continues this way for a while eventually I move in with them it was unplanned it just sort of worked out that way but yes I slept in the same bed as him and his wife needless to say this did eventually cause problems well I really loved him but I needed to move away for work his wife had left him before I moved away we were still together when I left but broke up shortly after as the strain was too much.

well it has been 8 months since we broke up and the both of us have new significant others I live with mine who is always gone working he is gone for 2 out of three weeks

my ex boyfriend is my pot dealer so he will come over smoke with me have a beer with me chat about our lives well recently he asked what kind of friend I want to be I said just a friend he told me that he really loved me and still cared about me and still finds me very attractive but he would try and be just my friend he gave me a hug I am sure he wanted to kiss me. Well a day went by and we started talking about the sex we had when we were together and how it was amazing we also talked of how neither of us is sexually satisfied in our current relationships the thought has been crossing my mind more and more do I sleep with my ex whom I still love and in saying that I know cheating is wrong but I don't have much feelings for my new boyfriend its hard when I still love my ex


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  • You want to have you cake and eat it too. You don't want to deal with his baggage, but you want his cock. Since your current boyfriend is probably not going to be okay with you opening your legs to your ex, what you need to do is choose. Either grow some balls, dump him and start f***ing your ex again (this will likely lead to you having to deal with more baggage) or stay with him and either work on making the sex better or accept the mediocre sex. I see no problem with you going back to your ex, but your current man would probably prefer to be dumped than to be cuckolded.


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