Please need your advice, what should I do?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up before new years and I have not contacted him since. Tonight he texted me to find out if he could come and collect some dvds he left with me. What must I do? I have not yet texted him back because of the No Contact rule.


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  • Dear Anonymous,

    put all of your ex's things in a box or a bag and give it to him, don't give him a chance to talk anything over and don't even think about asking him why you guys broke up, or anything that will give him a sign of weakness, that'll only make him stronger! I'm so sorry that your new years sucked big time, I've been through the same thing but it was 3 days before our 6 year anniversary! when he mentioned the break up I smiled and agreed that it was the best for both of us, and he was shocked! he expected me to cry and obsess over him, which I did when I went back home looool, but I didn't show him that I cared at all... now its been almost 3 months and I've totally moved on, I've been dating again, and he's going wackoooo, txting me all the time and stuff... so you do the same, he'll regret he ever left you because he'd be surprised of how strong and well your doing! please believe in yourself and don't forget to always smile when you see him, and after he gets his box back, don't EVER text or call him, and if he asks you how uve been, tell him u've been doing so well and he will approximetly a month later contact u... GOODLUCK!

  • Agree to let him get them - it may be because he wants to see you again - I know when I contacted my ex for my things back it was because I wanted to see him...


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