Flirting with a married man?

I know it is wrong, but I have been flirting with a married man via email in the form of telling him erotic stories. When I asked him to tell me one, he was keen; but then emailed to say he was scared and we should stop. I agreed taking it to mean he was not interested and joked I knew he would back out when I asked for a story. However he replied he has a good story to tell me, but will do so verbally. I am now unsure what he wants, to stop or continue down this path; but just not via email - help!


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  • Pretty much what R_slizzle said. Even if you did get with him, the roles are going to reverse, and it's not going to feel very good having it happen to you. You should be the one telling him to stop, out of consideration for his wife, and out of consideration for him as well. Chances are you are putting a lot of stress on him by making him unsure as well. Granted, if he really is unsure or willing to cheat on his wife he can't have the greatest bond with her to begin with, however that doesn't mean you should be the one to tear. Do that, and things will get messy, that much I can assure.


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  • This can only escalate, so unless you are preapred to take this all the way, stop it now! Tell him no more erotic stories especially!.

    You've been encouraging him even though he's been TRYING to behave himself!

  • you will only feel worse about yourself in the end if you cheat with this guy and there is no guarntee he is not cheating on you too then, since he is willing to cheat on some one he pledged to be with his entire life.


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  • Let me help you out. You could have left out the majority of what you wrote. All you needed was "I know it is wrong."

    Bottom line. Stop flirting with him through emails or in person. You know it is wrong.

    Also, just think about how it could be a year from now. Maybe you'll be the wife or girlfriend, and then what makes you think he won't have someone else on the side? Just like he did with you..


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