How much flirting is acceptable for friends? What's your opinion?

I am friends with mostly guys because lets face it, girls carry a lot drama.

Since I'm friends with a ton of guys I'm used to just being myself around them. To others it seems like I'm flirting with these guys but I'm just being myself. I feel like one of the guys, so I have no problem tackling them, or sitting on them when we are competing for something or whatnot. People say I'm flirting but that's honestly not what I'm trying to give out.

My question is, how much flirting (or whatever you want to call it) is acceptable for friends? I don't want to be giving out the wrong signals..


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  • There's no straight answer for you, if you ask me. It depends what your guy friends think of you, if they know you don't mean to *flirt* with them, it's probably cool no matter how much you flirt. If they treat you like one of the guys, there shouldn't be any problems, but if one of them harbours any feelings for you, it can probably be a bit painful for him.

    But yeah, it's tough to say. I personally think it's a lot of fun when girls let their guard down and aren't afraid to wrassle for the last piece of cake. But if I actually fancied the girl, it'd be hard on me.


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