I'm turning into a jealous girlfriend. Am I in the wrong?

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year, we're very close. He always tells me just how much he cares for me, how much he loves me, and such. I believe, I really do. It's just that he's always talking to about a million girls, which I get because I have a lot of guy friends, too. However, there is one girl that really gets me frustrated. She's his best friend and that's fine, but there are a lot of things about their friendship that bothers me.

1. She is his ex and he was infatuated with her for about...three years?

2. They go over to one another's houses while their parents aren't home, just the two of them.

3. His mother likes her better (for no reason, I assure you) and set up certain days when he is allowed to be with me, but no limit on her. He takes advantage of the lack of time limit to be with her as much as possible.

4. A couple times he drove around town to get a bunch of snacks/whatever and then for several hours, just sat outside of her house in the car (or so he said, I dunno).

5. They hug and cling together, looking more like a couple than friends.

6. She sits on his lap and he allows it with no hesitation...

7. I've had my friends come up to me before, several of my friends, and ask me if he and I broke up. When I went on to say that we hadn't broken up and asked why they asked that, they said they thought Todd was with her, this other girl, now.

Am I losing it or do I have some reason to be jealous/suspicious or whatever?
I'm turning into a jealous girlfriend. Am I in the wrong?
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