Those how to get your ex back e-books?

I just got dumped by my boyfriend and I feel overwhelmed and depressed and hopeless. I keep googling advice on how to win your ex back and there are all these e-books that are probably scams you have to pay for and then download such as Matt Huston's Get Him Back Forever and I was just wondering if any of you have ever read these books?


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  • Yeah I've read some of them. If you want to know the jist of what they all say (cause they're all pretty similar) basically they tell you not to contact your ex at all. That's probably the most important part. Do not under any circumstances initiate contact! Wait for them to contact you. Do this for at least a month. Then a lot of them recommend sending your ex some sort of letter saying you apologize for how you reacted after the breakup, that you agree that the breakup was a good thing, and that you would like to catch up with them sometime. Don't say you want to be friends cause then you get stuck in friend zone. But you want to put the impression out there that you are doing just fine (like on facebook for example don't post depressing statuses, instead post pictures of you going out with friends having fun). This is supposed to make them wonder how you are moving on so fast. I guess in a way it could make them jealous too but that's not always the best angle. If they do contact you try and act happy but don't bring up getting back together. Let them lead the conversation and for the most part don't sound over enthusiastic about them contacting you (like don't say OMG I'm so happy you called I've been thinking about you so much). Like I said before you want to give them the impression you are happy. Also, during that one month time, actually make an effort to get over the break up. It sounds kind of counterintuitive but if you come to terms with it you will be better able to talk to your ex again without being super emotional and just scaring them away. Try working on yourself in positive ways, for example take up a hobby or something like that. This can be the hardest part because on one end you're trying to get your ex back but on the other you're trying to get over them. But no contact is really stressed! If they contact you it's fine to respond but again just give short responses without sounding super bitchy or depressed. Basically you want to work up til that one month time and then work into trying to open the lines of communication again through that letter or if you don't like the letter idea just see how they are doing and suggest getting together for coffee or something. Nothing too intense. You want to start hanging out again a few times. After the first meeting give it a week to see if they ask if you want to hang out again. If they don't you can suggest it and see how things go :)

    Hope that helps. I know it's super frustrating trying to find advice on google or whatever and just getting all these website that want you to pay $40 for some book :(

    • I realllllly appreciate that you took the time to write out that detailed response. Thank you! I've been looking and looking for someone to just summarize those "magical" tips :)

      It's been only a few days since he dumped me and I haven't contacted him one bit. I sent him one bitchy text immediately after we got off the phone but that was it. He said he just can't take fighting with me anymore since it got really bad and he's sick of the stress.He's dumped me before but this time it's different..

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    • No don't delete him. That just makes you seem bitter. But don't check his page. And if he keeps showing up on your news feed there is a little x to the right of any of his posts that you can press and it lets you choose to not have any of his posts show up on your news feed.

    • thanks, yeah I might have to end up hiding him. He hasn't posted anything at all yet though. His friends have all "liked" his single status. Awesome...

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