He's contacting me 4 days after the break up?

So he sent me a facebook message wishing me a happy new year, but we broke up only days ago over him just not being that into me, despite the fact that he called me perfect. How should I respond? This is where we're at so far:

Him: By the way, happy new years

Me: Same to you! Did you enjoy it?

Him: It was aight. Got semi drunk off champagne, haha.

That's it. I doubt he's actually ready to be friends, since he said I was the best thing that ever happened to him and he couldn't figure out why he didn't like me as much as I liked him. He didn't even want the break up.

I'm sure it's just a holiday message, I'm trying not to read into it but I just...

I'm not sure how to respond. Help? :)


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  • Don't respond. Just leave it. It keeps him wondering what's going on with you. He didn't ask you a question at all so for now don't say anything. If he sends another message you can respond but you want to keep some mystery!

  • i agree with her ^^^^ keep him wondering about you that will make him miss you and he may even realize he still wants to be with you!


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